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Ragi Puran Poli - A Healthy Alternative!

You Care Lifestyle
Sep 16, 2023
Recipe Corner

Indulge in the goodness of ragi with this nutritious and delicious recipe!

Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyous festival celebrated across India to honor Lord Ganesha, the deity of wisdom and prosperity. One traditional delicacy that is commonly prepared during this auspicious occasion is Puran Poli. While the classic recipe calls for all-purpose flour (maida), we have come up with a healthier alternative – Ragi Puran Poli. This version combines the goodness of ragi (finger millet) with a flavorful filling made from jaggery and lentils. Let's dive into the recipe and enjoy this wholesome twist to the traditional sweet delicacy.

Servings: 6 puranpolis

Preparation Time: 20 minutes            Total Time: 45 minutes


For the Outer Dough:
1 cup ragi flour
½  cup sattu flour
A pinch of salt
Water, as needed

For the Filling (Puran):
1 cup pre-soaked cooked chana dal
2 tbsp sattu flour
½  tsp cardamom powder
2-3 tbsp A2 ghee
Water, as needed


  1. Prepare the Dough:
    1. Mix ragi flour, sattu flour, and a pinch of salt in a bowl.
    2. Gradually add water and knead the mixture into a soft, pliable dough.
    3. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for about 30 minutes.
  2. Make the Filling (Puran):
    1. In a pan, melt ghee and add grated jaggery to it.
    2. Stir until the jaggery melts.
    3. Add cardamom powder, cooked chana dal, and sattu flour, and mix well.
    4. Cook this mixture on low heat, stirring continuously, until it thickens and leaves the sides of the pan. This is your Puran filling.
    5. Allow it to cool.
  3. Assemble the Ragi Puran Poli:
    1. Divide the dough and filling into small equal-sized portions.
    2. Take a portion of the dough, flatten it in your palm, and place a portion of the Puran filling in the center.
    3. Seal the edges of the dough and gently flatten it with your fingers.
    4. Roll out the stuffed dough ball into a thin circle, like a chapati.
  4. Cook the Puran Poli:
    1. Heat a tava over medium-high heat.
    2. Place the rolled Puran Poli on the hot griddle and cook on both sides until golden brown, applying ghee as needed.
    3. Repeat this process for the remaining dough and filling.
  5. Serve:
    1. Your Ragi Puran Poli is ready to be served. You can enjoy it hot with a dollop of ghee or A2 curd.


  • Ragi puran poli is rich in protein and calcium, and it contains antioxidants like polyphenols, which can help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Enjoy your nutritious and delicious meal!

Nutritional info per serving 

Total Calories 210 kcal 
Total Carbohydrates 31g
Total Protein 8.2g
Total Fat 3.4g