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Introducing the You Care Lifestyle Choice: Explore a curated selection of exceptional products in our exclusive section, handpicked by our dedicated team renowned for their hi...

Introducing the You Care Lifestyle Choice: Explore a curated selection of exceptional products in our exclusive section, handpicked by our dedicated team renowned for their high standards. We select these items based on their clean ingredients, top-notch quality, and unwavering reliability, ensuring that you can always find the very best.

What sets the brands on our platform apart is their relentless commitment to driving positive change in the wellness industry. They are pioneers in the movement to eliminate harmful chemicals and provide high-quality, efficient products without compromise. These brands are on a mission to make nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness accessible to all, empowering health-conscious consumers with safer and more effective options. With a focus on quality, safety, and accessibility, these brands are reshaping the wellness landscape and inspiring individuals to make healthier choices.

Adya Organics: Embark on a journey to promote the ancient Indian practice of consuming fresh, healthy, and natural foods with Adya Organics. Their top-quality products, including ghee, oil, millets, and cookies, are sourced directly from organic farms. It's a haven for health enthusiasts looking for locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Dancing Leaf: Experience tea like never before with Dancing Leaf. Their carefully blended teas, spices, and herbs offer a plethora of benefits for the mind and body. Each cup is a journey into authenticity, capturing the true essence of white, green, and black teas from Nilgiri, Assam, and Darjeeling. Their commitment to sourcing natural extracts, not substitutes, ensures a robust and natural flavor.

Organic Roots: Take a culinary adventure with Organic Roots, where recipes from our own childhoods have been curated and tweaked to make healthier substitutes for modern-day living. Their ready-to-eat meals are a fusion of traditional techniques and the latest in food technology, delivering organic, authentic flavors while retaining natural nutrients. Organic Roots' commitment to sustainable, all-natural practices is supported by a network of over 1000 organic farmers.

Explore more with books authored by Luke Coutinho:

Back to the Root: Co-authored with actor Tamannaah Bhatia, this book offers insights into holistic living and the revival of traditional practices, celebrating Indian culture and ancestral wisdom.

Small Wins Every Day: Luke Coutinho's latest bestseller focuses on achieving personal growth through small, consistent actions, making positive changes accessible to everyone.

Reset your Life and Health in 6 minutes: This 21-day journal is designed to reset your life and health in just six minutes a day, enhancing your awareness of goals, daily routines, and intentions.

The Dry Fasting Miracle: Dive into the world of fasting with practical tips on safely incorporating dry fasting into your routine.

The Great Indian Diet: A national bestseller co-authored with Shilpa Shetty, this book celebrates the Indian diet and promotes health through simplicity, covering various food categories and providing valuable insights on managing nutritional intake.

You Balance: This herbal spice blend, crafted with 11 Indian spices, is designed to support your body's natural processes. Hand-made on wood fire with age-old techniques, it offers an optimized ratio of spices for maximum absorption and benefit. Whether you're managing diabetes, improving immunity, or aiming for optimal wellness, You Balance can be a game-changer.

In addition, discover our wellness hampers and powerful combos, specially curated by Luke Coutinho, to further elevate your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. 

Explore these products in You Care Lifestyle Choice Category and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

Small Wins Every Day - By Luke Coutinho (Hardcover)Small Wins Every Day - By Luke Coutinho (Hardcover)
You Care Lifestyle
Kapiva Noni Juice (1 Ltr)Kapiva Noni Juice (1 Ltr)
Kapiva Digesti Care Juice (1 Ltr)Kapiva Digesti Care Juice (1 Ltr)
Kapiva Amla Juice (1 Ltr)Kapiva Amla Juice (1 Ltr)
Adya Organics Organic Chana Sattu Powder (1 kg)Adya Organics Organic Chana Sattu Powder (1 kg)
Adya Organics A2 Cow Milk Ghee (500 gms)Adya Organics A2 Cow Milk Ghee (500 gms)
Adya Organics
Conscious Breathing Relaxator Breath TrainerConscious Breathing Relaxator Breath Trainer
Conscious Breathing