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About us

Our Journey Since Inception

In our line of work, which revolves around Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, Luke and his team use food and lifestyle as powerful tools to help people suffering from severe illnesses and lifestyle diseases and alleviate their pain and suffering. This means the quality of products is of prime importance. Unfortunately, the quality available today is highly questionable. From adulteration to using false organic labels, it’s a business that has grown corrupt over the years. At the same time, there are vendors and farmers from different states doing fantastic work in this field and we want to embrace this goodness as much as we can.

We thus intended to create a platform for the benefit of all, including our clients and followers, where we keep connecting them with the very best foods and products with a direct connection to the farmers and vendors who ethically source from farmers. Since we couldn’t find it, we decided to create it. One farmer, one suburb, one state at a time. This is how Luke's Wellness Market and Luke’s Holistic Health page came into existence, back in 2018.

Creating The Change We Wanted To See

We as consumers too experience a similar dilemma with so many brand claims and deceptive marketing, trusting a particular platform or product is risky. We feel you.

“We couldn't find an honest platform, because our line of work needs it, so we created one.”

We decided to be the change we wished to see, and thus YouCare Lifestyle was born.

We created this platform to share recommendations of various products that Luke and his team come across in their day-to-day practice - right from fresh fruits and vegetables, workout accessories, groceries, snacks to floor cleaners, toothpaste, clothing, cosmetics, baby care products, restaurants, home décor, supplements, etc that are clean, safe, honest, authentic and far from all the chemical overload.

It’s been two years since Luke's Wellness Market was built and we cannot thank all the members of the community, farmers, and vendors, and all the brands involved, enough for its immense success and growth, which we are proud to say was absolutely organic. We have achieved our vision in many ways and this was only possible because a beautiful community like this stood together.

With our exclusive e-commerce platform, we are now ready to take this to the next level. Through this, the entire country at large can shop online and at the same time have access to a much larger variety.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and clear. We want to create a healthy, ethical and sustainable food chain across India and the world by supporting our farmers, vendors and ethical producers, and helping people from all across the globe connect with them directly through our platform. Additionally, there is no involvement of a middle man which in turn helps support the livelihood of farmers and ethical vendors. Through this platform, we also want to leave a legacy of a good lifestyle behind to our next generation, kids and their kids.

Why YouCare Lifestyle

With heavy and deceptive marketing and immense variety available in markets and most online shopping sites today, choosing what’s truly chemical-free and ethical is a pain point for most of us. Our e-commerce platform is a niche space where we list only ethical and honest products, produce, and lifestyle goods, so our consumers do not end up in a state of confusion when it comes to buying what’s best for them and their health. One would find products from farmers and vendors who are truly doing ethical work in this field and are approved by the You Care Lifestyle team.

Some of the products will also be personally and physically verified by Luke and the team to study the authenticity and label, so only the best of best lands on our platform.

Every buyer who visits this platform and their experience matters to us. We thus ensure to maintain our service, integrity, and quality as we open up to a bigger platform like this.

Objectives of YouCare Lifestyle

  • Connect the farmers and vendors directly to the consumers so produce from the farms can reach tables at home directly.

  • Help the farmers and motivate them to grow more, by creating a sustainable market.

  • Build a community that supports a holistic lifestyle and living.

  • Recreate the food chain of the country.

  • To make it a stamp of assurance of great product quality.

  • Create a range of foods and products from daily use, to floor cleaners, household goods, cosmetics, oils, salts, lifestyle products, cosmetics to natural supplements, super-foods, local and fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

  • Support home bakers and cooks who are doing an ethical job of churning out real healthy food.

  • We openly welcome brands that support fair trade, sustainable organic farming, zero waste products and would like to list every possible fair-trade product that meets quality standards and which impacts health, immunity, wellness, and lifestyle in a positive way across India and other countries.

Brands Working With Us -

We have over 400 vendors in total who have been a part in this mission and the list continues to grow. From local to international brands, to small startups and home bakers, YouCare lifestyle tries to bring all the vendors doing great work in their respective segments together simply because they have great product and food to offer.

It is amazing how our own country has so many amazing brands, and there is so much more to still unearth. We are visualising YouCare Lifestyle as a platform that recognises and embraces every single brand that is ethical, clean and honest. This is why we have made YouCare Lifestyle as a platform where even vendors and brands can reach out to us if they think their values and visions match with ours, if we haven't been able to approach them.

How do we work - YouCare Lifestyle backend process

Honesty and transparency is the foundation of our practice. The products and foods we come across through YouCare Lifestyle are not only recommended to all of you but also our clients, family, kids, and loved ones, and we would not recommend anything if it wasn't good.

Here’s what our back end work looks like:

1. Vendor/ Farmer connects with YouCare Lifestyle or vice versa

2. Necessary documents. licenses, reports, product details are uploaded on the platform, which the YouCare team reviews and goes through and the brand is onboarded. At times, samples are also sent to Luke and team to personally review and experience the feel of the product.

3. Luke and YouCare Team carefully review the sample, study its worth, check ingredients, labels, claims and try them

4. Post that, we arrive at 3 possibilities:

- Luke and YouCare Team approve the samples -: the vendor continues to stay onboarded

- Luke & YouCare Team give feedback and suggestions to vendors to improve their products :- the onboarded vendor makes the necessary revisions and improvements in their products.

- Luke and Team disapprove of the samples :- the onboarded vendor is offboarded.

This is as clear, honest, and transparent as we could get. We hope this helps quell everyones genuine concerns and builds a deeper trust in us.

Stringent selection process

“Quality”, “Authenticity” and “Honesty” - is the core foundation of our practice since inception, and we tolerate nothing less than that.

For products, farmers, brands, and vendors to make their way to our e-commerce platform, once all details and documents are uploaded on the platform, You Care Lifestyle team will screen the ingredient lists and labels, study the goodness and worth of each product to the best of their ability, check necessary certifications, licenses and lab reports. You Care Lifestyle may also physically call for samples and review a few selected products. On successful completion of this screening process, the products or any lifestyle-related offerings are finally onboard and shared on You Care Lifestyle social media platforms as well as an e-commerce platform for the benefit of all.

A great amount of focus is put on quality and whether the products are true to their claim, so the members of the community receive what they pay for. If a certain product isn’t up to the mark and quality standards, we give vendors feedback on how they could improve, swap certain ingredients and work on the overall quality, packaging, etc and we also hold rights to remove any product that fails to meet the standards set. Fortunately, vendors too are open to receiving such feedback and we truly appreciate them for this.

Quote from Luke Coutinho -

Our country and the world deserves a better and sustainable food chain now of ethical foods and lifestyle products. Our work and research in the field of lifestyle and medicine has made us come across amazing brands and vendors who are doing exceptional work in this field. Through YouCare Lifestyle, we plan to bring them all together and create India's first e-commerce portal on ethical and hand-selected products and best brands in the country who are doing phenomenal work in this field of wellness and lifestyle.

This is a platform built on trust, transparency and ethics. This has always been our vision and it continues to be as we move forward towards.

We welcome you to YouCare Lifestyle, and hope you have an amazing shopping experience.”

Here’s to a bigger and better community of holistic living!



Mr. Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine.

Luke Coutinho is a globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the field of Integrative Medicine and the Founder of Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems Pvt Ltd. (LCHHS) Luke’s approach towards prevention and healing revolves around four important pillars: Balanced Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep, and Emotional Detox. His programs work towards helping individuals with severe illnesses and lifestyle diseases and reducing their pain and suffering using an integrative approach. This approach has positively impacted the health of children and adults to achieve their health & wellness goals.

Luke has received tremendous recognition for his work and has been felicitated by several industry leaders across the world. He has been honored as the-

  • Fit India Champion for Lifestyle and Wellness’ for the Fit India Movement, a flagship program of the Government of India launched by the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2019.
  • 500 most influential people in Asia 2020 Power List by the New York Press News Agency
  • GQ's 50 Most Influential Young Indians for the year 2018
  • Fit & Fab Persona 2019 – by Global Spa Fit & Fab Show Mumbai 2019
  • Best in the Industry - Nutritionist by Vogue in 2018
  • Best Health Expert of the year 2018 - by ELLE Beauty awards
  • Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award – Best Holistic Wellness in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in 2017

He has also authored a range of books on wellness and has 3 bestsellers to his credit – “The Great Indian Diet” with Shilpa Shetty, “The Dry Fasting Miracle – From Deprive to Thrive” with His Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashed Al Nuaimi - Member of the Ruling Family of Ajman, and “The Magic Weight-Loss Pill” with Anuskha Shetty. His most recent digital releases include “The Magic Immunity Pill: Lifestyle” with Shilpa Shetty and “A New Way of Living’’, both as a free gift to India & the world.

Luke is an advisor on several school boards, counsels and facilitates sessions on health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease, and cancer for various organizations like YPO, WPO, EO, FICCI world-wide, and does talks for various corporates, organizations, etc.

A promoter of a holistic lifestyle and integrative medicine, Luke has emphasized the importance of lifestyle involving movement and exercise, the way we respectfully nourish our body and cells without deprivation, quality sleep to our body and mind, how we treat our heart and mind by managing stress and emotions, alignment with nature, and important tools like hope, love, care, self-discipline, faith, prayer, forgiveness that are beyond medicine but equally important to make a difference in your health, alleviate medical conditions, manage it and possibly reverse it too. Using lifestyle as his key medicine, Luke and his integrative team of nutritionists, doctors, lifestyle coaches, yoga experts, emotional counselors handle cases ranging from acne and weight loss to rare syndromes and cancer all across the globe.

Luke started the #NewReligionLifestyle campaign, a free platform on Facebook to educate and create awareness through his live videos and blogs on disease, health & lifestyle-related issues. The campaign has now gone global with a reach of over 1 million people and over 4.5 lakh followers have benefited, at no cost.

Luke has also joined forces with the Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) as the co-founder. He is the chief program mentor for undergraduate, postgraduate, and master's programs in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics. He has Co-founded RESET - Holistic Living Concepts, a one-of-a-kind facility for individuals who are inclined towards holistic health and wellness. Along with RESET, Luke is an adviser and Head of Integrative Lifestyle and Nutrition at Pure Nutrition, which creates pure plant-based formulations and cold-pressed oils. He is also the Co-founder of GOQii, a digital healthcare platform with personalized coaching.

Luke initiated the 'Holistic Health Store', a closed group for review and recommendation of tried and tested certified organic, all-natural products to its followers, on a social media platform. You Care Lifestyle is an extension of Luke’s holistic health store that was launched with the objective of supporting fair-trade farmers, sustainable and holistic living, and improving the food chain. It is a step towards resetting the existing food chain in our country and worldwide by making it an honest and ethical one. You Care Lifestyle has adopted the shop-in-shop concept into its business model lately and it also aims at establishing a strong E-commerce presence in the years to come.

Luke’s Vision is to create an Eco-system towards holistic living and thereby to list every organic, all-natural, and fair-trade product that meets quality standards, influences health, immunity, wellness, and lifestyle across the planet.

Mr. Narendra Shantikumarji Firodia - Thinker. Innovator. Promoter.

Narendra Firodia, a powerhouse of talent and a hard taskmaster comes from a family that forms a legacy of social entrepreneurs. His role as an investor is to empower India through entrusting start-ups, especially from tier 2 tier 3 cities etc., that believe in delivering in accordance to the fabric of the nation.

His domain knowledge and presence are predominant across industries, mainly Telecommunication, Real Estate, Hospitality, TV Manufacturing, Digital Marketing & IT Solutions, Infotainment, Entertainment and last but not the least, Sports.

He has inculcated the principles of his forefathers, always insisting on executing his Corporate Social Responsibilities in the best ways he can. Narendra Firodia and his family also actively support the underprivileged through Shantikumarji Firodia Memorial Foundation with regards to education, medicine, co-curricular opportunities and several other social dilemmas.

Coming from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and following the love for his city, he invented I Love Nagar, India’s first city centric application, which was introduced to empower the people of Ahmednagar to make the voice of the common man heard. Bringing convenience to the fingertips of the public through this app, I Love Nagar, strengthens the citizens to raise and address an issue contributing to the development of the city.

His remarkable developments, I Love Nagar App, for Ahmednagar, LetsUp and Letsflix are proof of his vision for a tech-savvy India, especially the tier 3 and tier 4 regions of the country.

To note a few accolades, Times Of India has conferred Mr. Firodia with ‘The Man of the Year 2020’ as Lokmat Business Icon.

He has also been identified as one of the ‘500 most influential people in India 2020’ by the New York Press Agency.