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64b66c942ba1ff2ad21c2c10Avni Lush Organic Cotton Washable PantyLiner, (6XL-30cm)| Antimicrobial | With Pouch |EveryDayAvni Lush Organic Cotton Washable PantyLiner, (6XL-30cm)| Antimicrobial | With Pouch |EveryDay

• Avni Lush is India's First 100% certified organic cotton reusable panty liner with tested antimicrobial technology • Top layer - GOTS Certified Rapid absorb cotton fabric to give dry feel • Middle layer - Absorbent performance fabrics for 24 hour protection • Bottom layer - PU laminated leak proof layer • Easy to wash - needs less water - dries fast - retains no stains • Ideal if you have known allergies to synthetic fabrics • Available in 3 sizes (Reg, Large, X-Large) and 2 attractive colors

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Avni Lush Organic Cotton Washable PantyLiner, (6XL-30cm)| Antimicrobial | With Pouch |EveryDay



• Avni Lush is India's First 100% certified organic cotton reusable panty liner with tested antimicrobial technology • Top layer - GOTS Certified Rapid absorb cotton fabric to give dry feel • Middle layer - Absorbent performance fabrics for 24 hour protection • Bottom layer - PU laminated leak proof layer • Easy to wash - needs less water - dries fast - retains no stains • Ideal if you have known allergies to synthetic fabrics • Available in 3 sizes (Reg, Large, X-Large) and 2 attractive colors

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Wash and dry the panty liners clean once before using.

How to use:

• Place Avni Lush washable panty liner onto your underwear. Soft maroon fabric side touching your skin, colorful leak proof side towards the underwear

• Bend the wings of panty liner downwards

• Snap the button in the wings

• After use wash and dry immediately or put into the storage bag until washing

Washing instructions:

• Soak the used panty liner in cold/tap water for 10 -30 mins with/ without a mild detergent (DO NOT USE DETTOL OR OTHER ANTISEPTIC LIQUIDS)

• Rub with hands and rinse with fresh water till water runs clean

• Dry in a well ventilated area

• Do not bleach or iron

• Top layer - GOTS Certified Rapid absorb fabric to give dry feel 

• Middle layer - Layers of absorbent cotton with antimicrobial technology

• Bottom layer - PU laminated leak proof layer

• No stains 

• No infections

• Use for 3+ years

• For all age groups

• Use at home/office

• Plastic free periods


India's first tested antibacterial, Suitable for all types mild vaginal discharge

Organic cotton, Use Everyday, Reuse 100 times.

36 months



Avni means The Earth. We are a holistic women�s wellness brand inspired by 3 core pillars- Nature, GrandMoms and Ayurveda.� Our vision is to provide toxin free, functional and body inclusive products while empowering rural women through livelihood generation. Avni was born out of the personal experience of the founder, Sujata Pawar. A menstruator for 20 years, a healthcare professional and eco-enthusiast herself, during her research for a right period product she found out how these commercial pads are loaded with plastics and toxins and were causing severe reproductive harm after long term usage. This struck her and she decided to fix the problem with a completely unique approach. Loved by over 50,000 women, our best selling range of tested antimicrobial reusable cloth pads & panty liners which can washed and re-used 100 times. The range includes innovative products like plant based liquid detergents, cotton disposable pads, menstrual cups catering to menstrual, intimate care and incontinence needs.� Each Cloth pad you buy is handstitched with love by our tribe of amazing women across various parts of rural India. With every pad you purchase one woman walks with pride towards financial independence. Unique Fact: Through our India�s First 24x7 Period Helpline we are proud to say that we have helped approximately 20000 women to make a sustainable switch!� 62e771f6dd62577b07441130 Macha Komboocha Macha komboocha is an all 100% organic kombucha tea drink brand in India. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink originating from China with many health benefits. Everything that makes Macha! Komboocha comes straight from the nature-starting from the high-grade tea to the organic herbs and fruits infused post-fermentation.� No sugar or artificial ingredients are added past this step making it completely organic. � Why Macha! Komboocha: Super drink with the goodness of gut-friendly probiotics. Healthy substitute for sugary sodas, juices, or multiple trips to the coffee pot. Trendy non-alcoholic drink perfect for health enthusiasts. Reenergizing, refreshing, and immensely relaxing. Unpasteurized and raw available in its most natural form. Low Calorie(18 Kcal/100 ml)No added sugar post-fermentation. Macha! 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Our organic collection is not genetically modified and is free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Our food is more nutrient rich and contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micro nutrients that conventionally raise food. Our Vision � We, at Hello Healthy, would like to do our bit for the country's march towards an organic and healthy future. � We are passionate about natural & organic foods and want people to have better chemical and pesticide-free eating options. � We want to play our role in making farmers live a sustainable life by giving them opportunities of earning higher returns. 61f924a69c9735174f6c9efd Angadi of Spices We work together to select, source, and deliver whole spices, freshly powdered spices, and Hot Chocolate Mix from farms and carefully selected manufacturers across India to your doorstep. The farms and the manufacturing companies from where we procure the products and spices follow natural cultivation and production practices. 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