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Divyntea Green Tea Yuzu 75 gms



Our take on a Green Tea with Yuzu (citrus fruit that grows in East Asia) – a tea that will bring back memories of your vacation!!!
Product CategoryTea

Green Tea, orange peel, mint leaves, bergamot oil.

Benefits of Green Tea with Yuzu -

Good for digestion and bloating

May help improve mood and concentration

High in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants


Do not boil the tea as tea leaves burn and loose their flavour and nutriitonal benefits.

Tea has proven over time to be one of the healthiest drinks on earth. Using the right ingredients and methods, one can actually reap the health benefits of herbal tea. One can actually see a difference in their body when they alter their lifestyle and drink herbal tea every day. With the modern lifestyle of urban people, herbal tea is now considered a boon for mankind, providing specific benefits, including weight loss, weight digestion, and detoxification. In addition to making your body healthy, it has antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins which help you relax, recover, and awaken your mind.
At DIVYNTEA, we can boast of a century old lineage of tea planters. Our association with tea has led to our passion for sharing those quality premium single origin teas and blends, which have so far graced our clubrooms and parlours to our consumers. Each of our loose teas are selected only after multiple tasting sessions by our in-house master tasters.

- All teas are hand-blended under strict quality control.

- All teas are single origin.
- 100% natural with no artificial flavour.


1 year


Divyntea is a brand born out of our founder�s passion for artisanal teas and experience in the tea industry. Having her roots steeped in a legacy of tea garden owners, our founder Vandita Rungta spent a lot of time in the tea gardens while enjoying drinking quality teas. After finishing her Masters from the U.K., she acquired training at the esteemed J.Thomas Co. Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata, which are the largest tea-auctioneering firm in the world, and became a certified tea blender. Divyntea meaning �blissful tea� was driven with the purpose of bringing her drawing room favourite blends for everyone to enjoy! The brand, founded in 2017, specializes in manufacturing and blending high quality black teas, green teas, white teas, organic teas etc. from teas grown around the world. Our premium teas are blended in small batches to preserve the freshness, quality and consistency of our teas. OUR LEGACY We come from the family of tea planters having association in the tea industry since over a century, our forefathers being one of the first few Indian Tea Planters in a primarily British dominated industry. Our USP over other tea companies is the knowledge and acumen of sourcing the best quality teas available in East and South India and acquiring them much sooner than others who go through multiple middlemen. The brand is experienced in providing the finest grade of loose-leaf teas and teabags and blending with the freshest of ingredients, 100% natural. We also specialize in providing garden fresh Assam Kadak (CTC) teas straight from the tea gardens to the doorstep of every household across India. Our teas have been uniquely crafted to satisfy your taste palette, a simple and healthy luxury!!! Indulge in our beautifully handcrafted and hand blended teas packed in pouches and tins, or gift our delectable hampers for corporate gifting, seasonal gifting, weddings etc.
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