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Fresh Mustard oil

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Organiac Mustard oil 1 Litre Glass Bottle

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Fresh Mustard oil

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Mustard oil is reddish-brown or amber in colour and is known for its strong smell and pungent sharp flavour. The pungency of mustard oil is due to the presence of allyl isothiocyanate. This fatty vegetable oil is obtained by pressing mustard seeds.

For now, let’s understand Mustard Oil and its benefits in detail.

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil Are

1. Cardioprotective Effects

Mustard oil is healthy edible oil it is low in Saturated fatty acid (SFA), high in MUFA and PUFA, especially alpha-linolenic acid and has a good LA: ALA ratio (6:5)

FRESH MUSTARD OIL: Mustard seeds are proudly grown in India. We traverse hundreds of kilometres and source our mustard seeds directly from the farmers. First, the outer covering of the seeds is removed. Then, we let the seeds sun-dry for a few days to ensure better taste and aroma before pressing them to obtain yellow mustard oil.

Mustard Oil is 100% pure, vegan, preservative-free, chemical-free, & gluten-free. We press the mustard seeds in wooden Kolhus at a low temperature. We use cold-press technology to ensure that the nutrients remain intact.

Keep Safe and Proper way.Dont Keep Bottle Open


36 months


Organic Farming is referred to as the type of farming wherein farmers use natural substances while growing crops. The use of pesticides and chemicals is refrained. This type of farming not only maintains the health of the soil but also provides organic crops. Online organic grocery shopping can be tedious, because sometimes lack of organic certifications tend to deceive customers. Our products on the other hand have acquired organic certifications by the authorized government body which proves the quality standards we have set. Organiac is your one stop solution to all your healthy food needs.We aim at producing and providing organically grown food Globally.
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