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Vendor Testimonials

Sarrah Kapasi


The experience was great, the team has been so supportive and easy to coordinate with that we feel truly welcome to drive a positive change. We need many more such initiatives and people coming together to promote small businesses like ourselves trying to lead a change and I think Luke and the entire team are a stellar example of it.
Ashnu Nachani

Bites of Bliss

We had a great experience at all the markets we took part in. The markets have had a positive impact and has helped us widen our reach to customers looking for the healthier organic range as compared to our regular health food range.

One Life

We are delighted to exhibit our wellness range for Luke's followers. Our association has been since past 3 months, this has created positive branding for OneLife among consumers who prefer Organic living and natural products. The Holistic health store has not created a visible impact on the business since the association is only from past 3 months.

Agronic Foods

We collaborated with Luke’s Wellness market to promote our Feel Good range of organic lattes since we had been following Luke for a very long time and incorporating his advice in our daily lives. Our experience has been really good in all the mumbai markets and on the digital platforms as well.
Sarla Nagpal


The journey over the last year with Luke's Market has been great. I have gained a lot of clients who repeatedly order with me. I feel great that i can make a difference to so many people lives as many of the clients have specific health issues. I am very grateful to Luke and his team for making me part of this venture. Thanks a lot Dear Luke and Team.
Komal Jain


We believe in a healthier way of life & working with highest quality standards of products that’s why we connected with Luke Coutinho on 5/11/2019. Our experience with Luke’s wellness online market has very recently started. Would like to add Sow fresh India really appreciates the way Luke’s team responds - very quick - instantly they answer all our queries & always encouraging.
Pallavi Sinha

Adya Organics

Last year in december we participated for the first time and i really like to thank luke’s entire team for providing us with a platform to showcase our products and trusting in our brand soo much. The encouragement and reassurance they provided to us rekindled the spark of self confidence in us and we decided to take the bulls by the horns and give it a try!
Satyajit Hange / Ajinkya Hange

Two Brothers Organic Farms

Luke's Wellness Market is a fair, secular, consistent market for local producers. The experience has been fabulous. It has always meant more profit margins as farmers get to retain the retailing price of their products almost entirely. Many customers from these markets have grown to become passionate champions of our products and engage actively in all our discussions.

Nutty Yogi

Luke’s wellness platform has been a enriching experience for Nutty Yogi. Not only do we get to meet conscious customers, guidance from Luke on what’s relevant in todays health space adds real value. We are happy to be associated and endorsed would be keen to keep working with the team long term.
Green Sense

Green Sense

Its a wonderful experience to be associated with Holistic Health Store and Luke’s Wellness Market. The team is super supportive and accessible. In terms of reach we believe there can be no better audience to reach out, they are genuine, filtered and well informed. Overall its an honour for us to be associated with Luke’s wellness market.

Client Testimonials


From: Instagram

You deliver in dubai as well?

From: Instagram

How do we get it in pune?

From: Instagram

They're the best

From: Instagram

The whole truth protein bar simply awesome.

From: Instagram

Awesome.. it has made easy to search out.. n the products being chemical free is the boom

From: Instagram

I've ordered so many products because u guyz have researched it hence i have ordered. i trust your research team who who validates all these products and thankful

From: Instagram

It's changed the way i eat and live completely! What was i even eating before?! - that's the question I always ask myself because You Care Lifestyle has been instrumental in chnaging my food options and providing such cleanse alternative for everything - right from desserts to chips and snacks. The foods recommends here have the taste of authenticity. well done @youcarelifestyle.

From: Instagram

I was looking for some good as well as delicious protein, and through @youcarelifestyle discovered a variety of daily protein by and i am very happy currently consuming the cold coffee flavoured protein, pefect evening drink.

From: Instagram

I ordered the 100% organic date palm jaggery and multi flora honey from @adyaorganics after being recommended by @youcarelifestyle. it's been 5 days and I'm pretty loving it. Let seen how does it reflect in & out

From: Instagram

I had ordered the salt from @srisritattva because of your recommendation. very greatful.

From: Instagram

@youcarelifestyle is one place u can shop freely without fear.. There's assurance n satisfaction that your buying food which will nourish n heal your soul.

From: Instagram

I've ordered black raisins from @nanafoodsindia and they are really amazing.. I soak 4-5 every night and have them with soaked almomds in the morning and my gas and constipation issue has almost vanished.

From: Instagram

Love the turmeric latte I ordered from @rootedpeepul ! the texture and taste are amazing and it has certainly made my family healthy

From: Instagram

Never regretted on purchasing any of the products. so much greatful to Luke sir and @youcarelifestyle.

From: Instagram

Thank you for ontroducing me to @raindew_beauty. Their products are hands down the best. Jharna and Mahek are the sweetest and answer each and every query with patience. They gave me a hair and skin care routine with there products and customized a few things too (my skin had a lot of acene and tremendous hairfall), but thanks to them, my skin cleared up and hairfall has stopped. i can see new hair grow too.
Sandhaya R Guptaa

From: Facebook

For me.. It has made my life so much easier—whatever I need, I look up in the holistic store and I am sure that I am buying the best option. Genuinely a big big thank you for having this page.
Resham Puri

From: Facebook

I am glad we are able to find genuine products without fear of getting cheated. I love buying products from here. Thank you so much.
Pallavi Kanoria

From: Facebook

Very helpful n easy to find the right product.