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Child Care Kit

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Anaghaya Child Care Kit

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Child Care Kit

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-Comes with  - Baby Body Massage Oil - Baby Head Massage Oil   - Baby Body Wash Powder  - Baby Nappy Rash Powder  - Baby Moisturizer   Child care kit     Step 1: Baby massage oil Apply oil all over the body giving gentle massage for about 10 minutes. Let absorb for a while.   Step 2: Head massage oil Apply few drops of oil all over the head and massage gently. Leave for a while.   Step 3: Baby body wash powder Prepare paste of powder as instructed on label. Apply and spread from neck to feet. Rinse with clean water scrubbing gently. Pat dry.   Step 4: Nappy rash powder Lightly dust powder with soft duster on bums area. Use as needed only.   Step 5: Moisturizer Apply lightly all over the body depending on the season and skin type.

  1. Baby massage oil- Indigenous cow milk, country mallow & sesame oil

  2. Baby body wash powder- wallich milk parsley, spikenard, sweet flag, Indian costus root, stone flower, turmeric, Indian barberry, white turmeric, Joy perfume tree, nut grass

  3. Baby moisturiser- Balamoola, Tila tail, desi gau dugdha, beeswax, lotus extract

  4. baby head massage oil- indigenous cow milk, liquorice, Indian gooseberry, sesame oil 

  5. Nappy rash powder- Symplocos tree, Indian Sarsoparilla, Liquorice, Sandalwood

Comes with Baby Body Massage Oil,  Baby Head Massage Oil,  Baby Body Wash Powder, Baby Nappy Rash Powder, Baby Moisturizer.



12 months



Anaghaya in Sanskrit means pure, flawless and also the name of the supreme one. Deeply rooted in India and from the heart of Ancient Ayurveda, we bring to you classical formulations to boost your immunity, and make you feel beautiful inside- out with our 100 % natural and chemical free beauty and self-care products. Anaghaya is proudly associated an all-women�s cooperative registered as Panchgavya Ayurveda Pharmacy. Following traditional values with modern standards, we have a huge team of certified pharmacists, working round the clock to develop products with the ancient classical Ayurvedic formulations.Our products are made under the guidance of experts who excel in the field of traditional healing, such as Vaidya Hitesh Jani, Ex Principal and HOD Panchkarma, Gujarat Ayurveda University.Anaghaya follows the principal of �Gau, Gauri and Gram�, which means empowering women, supporting local communities and help in saving the endangered indigenous Gau Mata. (Mother Cow)
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