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Traditionally Stone Ground Chakki Fresh Atta

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grain2grind Kids Mix Atta (900 gm x 2)

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Traditionally Stone Ground Chakki Fresh Atta

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Roti, Chilla

Rajgira, Soyabean, Peanuts, Rice, Whole Wheat, Cornmeal, Almond Meal

This healthy mix facilitates the most important function of energy giving in children and also nourishes them with the help of a balanced combination of protein, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals. It comprises of a combination of traditional grains known to facilitate growth and development in children as per proven scientific studies as well as age old Indian traditions.


Amaranth (Rajgira) is an ancient grain rich in fibre and protein which will help kids replenish their muscle building and energy levels. It also contains various important micronutrients essential for growing children like manganese for brain functioning, magnesium for DNA building and muscle health, phosphorus for bone health and iron for blood health.

Soyabean provides essential nutrients in children that promotes growth & development such as Calcium, Zinc, Iron & Folate

Peanuts are considered the most affordable nutritious option for growing children and are also palatable to their taste buds. They are a superfood rich in protein and more than 30 essential vitamins and nutrients.

Rice is a great source of carbohydrate and is thus a very good source of energy. It is also rich in fibre, Iron and B-Vitamins that will help balance the nutrient requirement in children.

Whole Wheat is also a great source of energy, fibre, vital nutrients and minerals that will promote healthy growth and development in children.

Corn Meal is considered a great energy source and is high in B-Vitamins in addition to fibre, minerals, magnesium and phosphorus.

Almond Meal made from what is rightly called the ‘King of Nuts’ has been known to contribute many vitamins, minerals and unsaturated healthy fats essential for nourishment in growing children.

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We started Grain to Grind as a solution for people like us who were looking for ways to reduce adulteration and chemical content from their food. The concept was simple. Source the finest quality products in the country. Process them using traditional methods to retain their nutrients. Serve them fresh directly at your doorstep packaged in an equally good and eco-friendly way so that nothing in between contaminates or compromises their nutritional value or quality.
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